Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor:

    Azienda Agricola Reticaia offers a hobby flight course with the use of drone, in collaboration with Ileron.
    Things that you will learn:
    1) understand how a drone is composed and works, as well as how to overcome any maintenance on it
    2) the process to get emotional photography and video cameras
    3) handle emergences and steer with no automatisms
    4) the regulation ENAC on aircraft modelling for the use of drone, in full compliance with the law.

    The Ileron Instructor is an aircraft modelling professional, with a specific ENAC certification as Flight Instructor for unmanned aerial vehicles. of Filippo Fiaschi (Flight Instructor)

Filippo Fiaschi Istruttore di Volo

Filippo Fiaschi Istruttore di Volo